55,00 kr.

Size: V (I) L (D) C (A)

Chest circumference: 90 (102) 114 (126) 138 (150) cm

Gauge: 21/28 in pattern = 10×10 cm

Needles: 3,5 mm and 4,5 mm

Wire: 80 cm (and 40 cm, if you are not using the magic loop technique.)

Nobilis from GARNA (Lambswool) 200 (250) 300 (300) 350 (400) g (50 g= 225 m).

Cava from GARNA (Silk Mohair) 100 (100) 125 (125) 150 (175) g (25 g= 250 m).

Do you want extra luxury? Try a lighter cashmere eversion with GARNA´s Meriana 1 and Cumulus.

Meriana 1: 125 (150) 175 (200) 225 (250) g (25 g= 170 m) and Cumulus: 75 (100) 100 (100) 125 (150) g (25 g= 300 m)

Vildcardigan is a beautiful, structured cardigan with pretty details, and where the lace pattern is done beautifully from the raglan stitches. The elegant pattern is knitted from charts. The inspiration to the lace pattern is from the book Japanese ‘Knitting Stitch Bible’ by Hitomi Shida but has been rethought and made totally unique.

Vildcardigan is worked top down and is totally free from assembling. It is possible for you to adjust the length of the sleeves and the length of the body easily, and if you wish, decrease or increase a few cm in the waist, so that the cardigan will compliment your body perfectly.

The English version of the pattern is translated by Camilla Kjøller Simonsen, @minkreativehjerne.

I hope you will be happy for your new Vildcardigan; feel free to tag @strikrik and #Vildcardigan, so that we can inspire each other with beautiful colors and alternative yarns.